11 Greatest Power Rangers Who Never Appeared on TV


Summary BOOM! Studios continues to introduce new Power Rangers characters in the comic books with grace and respect for the lore.
The new Green Rangers, Olivia Hart and Matthew Cook, bring fresh and modern approaches to the franchise.
The comics also expand the Power Rangers universe with the addition of the Psycho Green Ranger, the 1969 Power Rangers, the Omega Rangers, the Solar Rangers, Cyra Drake, Bulk and Skull as Rangers, Lord Zedd’s Dark Rangers, the Death Ranger, and the iconic villain Lord Drakkon.
One of the benefits of the comic expansion of the Power Rangers franchise is how it constantly introduces new elements and characters into the existing lore. This includes all-new Power Rangers that are (so far) exclusive to the comic books created by BOOM! Studios.
The franchise has existed for just over 30 years now, so to find new approaches is an obvious challenge. However, BOOM! Studios continues to do just that with grace and respect for the material that came before. In addition, the comic publisher manages to constantly introduce new Rangers in new ways to the franchise that consistently manage to rank up there with some of the best Rangers seen on television.
11 Olivia Hart, New Green Ranger (The Return)
Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart’s Daughter from an Alternate World
Amy Jo Johnson, Matt Hotson and Nico Leon’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return series – focused on an alternate timeline of Mighty Morphin where the team defeated Lord Zedd and Rita at a tremendous cost – only hit shelves recently. In fact, Olivia Hart has yet to appear on-panel, but she’s already been confirmed to be the next Green Ranger in a world where Tommy has passed away. The original team will always be most beloved by fans, so introducing a new Green Ranger who combines two members’ legacies is an irresistible move.
10 Matthew Cook, The New Green Ranger (BOOM! Studios)
A Green Ranger for the 21st Century
Tired of being lied to by his friends while they took on extracurricular superhero duties, BOOM! Studios’ original character Matthew Cook set out to be his own kind of hero. Even before he gained his Ranger powers, Matthew proved his bravery by risking his life to help others survive monster attacks. Then, when Tommy was promoted to White Ranger, that left his Green Ranger spot vacant. However, rather than working with Zordon, Matthew got his powers from Grace Sterling, removing himself from the group’s usual power structure. Rather than being a spitting image of Tommy, Matthew becomes a Green Ranger for the modern age, even revealing his identity to ensure the people of Angel Grove feel safe. Matthew’s origin is revealed in Mighty Morphin #5 (from Ryan Parrott and Marco Renna.)
9 Psycho Green Ranger
An Evolution of The Franchise’s Most Terrifying Villains
The band of Psycho Rangers introduced in Power Rangers in Space are some of the franchise’s most formidable foes, acting as the team’s dark counterparts. Because the team had no Green Ranger, there was no evil Green counterpart. However, this figure finally debuts in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20 (Kyle Higgins, Ryan Ferrier, Daniele Di Nicuolo and Bachan), killing more than half of the Rangers’ 1960s unit before being defeated. His appearance proved so impactful that a full origin and follow-up story was given to him for the Psycho Path graphic novel, revealing Dark Specter’s right hand to be Trek of Xybria.
8 1969 Power Rangers
Pre-Mighty Morphin Rangers Add to the Lore of the Series
The 1969 team answered Zordon’s call similar to the cast of the first season. In an emergency scenario where Psycho Green was trying to release Rita Repulsa from her imprisonment, he called on five young adults with attitude, immediately springing them into action. This proved to be a mistake filled with casualties, but Zordon’s earliest failure adds context to his approach with the more famous Mighty Morphin team (i.e. why he chose teenagers). Not to mention, Red Ranger Grace Sterling becomes an integral part of the comics after this, choosing her own Green Ranger to do what Zordon can’t. The team debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20, alongside Psycho Green.
7 Omega Rangers
An Alternate Take on the OG Mighty Morphin Retirees
One of the fun things about BOOM!’s Power Rangers comics are how they constantly finds new ways to reinvent and reestablish previously established lore and characters. One such instance was the cast departure of characters Jason, Trini, and Zack. In-universe, they leave the team to pursue a Peace Conference opportunity, but the comics reveal that to be merely a cover story. They were actually recruited by the Morphin Grid’s Blue Emissary to become the Omega Rangers in space. This opened the door for a whole new plethora of stories, including Trini’s ascent to Red Ranger status.
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6 Solar Rangers
The Ultimate Power Rangers Dream Team
By far the most critically acclaimed storyline from the comics has been the Shattered Grid arc, but readers shouldn’t forget that BOOM! Studios followed that up with Beyond the Grid (from Simone Di Meo, French Carlomagno, Francesco Mortarino and Marguerite Bennett.) Uniting some of the most beloved Power Rangers of all canon, a new team was formed, then quickly forced into a conflict with a former Morphin Master turned villain named Praetor. In the same breath, they met the Purple Solar Ranger, Ellarien, who broke her Solarix crystal into multiple pieces to share her powers with her new friends, creating the cross-series Solar Rangers.
5 Cyra Drake, the Black Time Force Ranger
The Original Red Ranger’s Sister is Even More Dangerous
Power Rangers: Time Force is often praised as one of the more mature seasons of Power Rangers, but its graphic novel sequel Sins of the Future takes an even darker turn (from Matthew Erman, Trey Moore and Giuseppe Cafaro.) Pink Ranger Jen Scotts suddenly finds herself as the target of a mysterious Black Ranger, who nearly kills both her and Wes in their first meeting. This Ranger is soon revealed to be the secret sister of the original Time Force Red Ranger Alex Drake, Cyra, seeking revenge for his death.
4 Bulk and Skull’s Ranger Forms
From Bullies to Heroes
Despite being the resident bullies of Angel Grove, often harassing the Rangers while they were in their civilian guises, Bulk and Skull were avid fans of the Power Rangers themselves. It’s therefore only natural for them to become Power Rangers when given the opportunity. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annual 2016’s ‘Unlockly Heroes’ (Ross Thibodeaux and Rob Guillory), the duo become Rangers for a day in a humorous story. While the story is deliberately silly, it finally gives fans of the original series the answer of what the two would look like if they got their own costumes and Zords.
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3 Lord Zedd’s Dark Rangers
A Revamp of the Show’s Laughable Portrayal
Lord Zedd had a crop of Dark Rangers in the original show comprised of a group of bullies with attitude. While they didn’t pose much of a threat and were disposed of quickly, Zedd revisits the concept in the comics to much more effective results. Using the power of the Chaos Crystal previously used to give Tommy Oliver his Green Ranger powers, he gives his comedic cohorts more monstrous forms to terrorize Angel Grove. If not for Matthew Cook’s debut as the new Green Ranger, Zedd would’ve achieved his takeover of the city thanks to the newly created Dark Rangers (in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #51​​​​​​​ from Ryan Parrott​​​​​​​ and Moisés Hidalgo.)
2 The Death Ranger
A Treacherous Villain and Milestone for the Franchise
The introduction of the Death Ranger was a franchise first, introducing the first ever non-binary Power Ranger. At the same, they offered one of the scariest, toughest challenges to the Rangers in franchise history. The Death Ranger has the power to bring people back from the dead as zombie-like servants. They’re ultimately defeated at the hands of Jason, the original Red Ranger. Even then, beating the Death Ranger proves so emotionally taxing that it marks the Red Ranger’s official retirement from the Ranger life. The Death Ranger officially debuted in Power Rangers #20, by Ryan Parrott​​​​​​​ and Marco Renna.
1 Lord Drakkon
An Amalgam of Tommy’s White and Green Ranger Identities
In the World of the Coinless, an alternate timeline for the Mighty Morphin heroes, Tommy never stops being evil once the Rangers reverse Rita’s mind-control. Even worse, he’s inspired to act even more nefarious than he did before. As he builds an army for an all-out attack on the Command Center, Zordon tries to prepare Jason by giving him the power of the White Ranger – however, Tommy attacks and takes the power for himself. Lord Drakkon is born, and Power Rangers gets an awesome hero-turned-villain who reshapes the entire world with his personal empire of evil. Drakkon officially debuts in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4, from Kyle Higgins, Steve Orlando, Hendry Prasetya and Corin Howell.


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