5 Of The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers In 2024


5 Of The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers In 2024
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As spring approaches, our thoughts turn to backyard cookouts and poolside mai tais. The seasons that draw us to the great outdoors are rapidly approaching, and with them, a whole lot of portable speakers.
Bluetooth speakers have become a ubiquitous fixture at parties, picnics, and poolside. The best portable speaker brands make products that fit easily in a bag but produce powerful levels of sound for hours without running out of battery. But with thousands of options on the market, we’ve reached the point where you can find Bluetooth speakers at your local dollar store. And lest you think that only the cheapest speakers should be avoided, rest assured that awful products exist at every price point. If you go shopping without reading reviews, you’ll likely end up with a speaker that sounds bad, has even worse battery life, or breaks completely.
That’s why I’ve spent countless hours (and destroyed who knows how many of my stereocilia) testing portable Bluetooth speakers and investigating product reviews to find the five best speakers for most people. As a pro audio enthusiast and music engineer, I’m always on the lookout for great audio products. Here, the most important selection criteria were sound quality, design, durability, feature set, and battery life, all weighted against price to figure out the best bang for your buck. More technical concerns like latency were not considered since they won’t impact the average use case.
Our top pick for portable Bluetooth speakers in 2024 is the best all-around speaker for most people. With that said, we’ve got other options for those who want minimalism, luxury, or the biggest and best product money can buy. Let’s dive in.


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