Audience left helplessly hoping for Stephen Stills at Crosby Stills & Nash fundraiser event


Brain freeze hits Iceland
The wonders of Iceland. Nordic. Cold. Geysers. Volcanoes. Between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. Our planet’s sparsest soil. Ghost towns with one main inhabitant being an active volcano.
Its least warm body there is Guòni Jóhannesson — that ice-cold country’s chilling chief of state who should enroll in Harvard.
This putzy president was actively involved in backing, advocating, supporting, upholding, helping, lauding, praising and being part of “a solidarity concert in support of Palestine.”
All nice and happy. Music. Singer. Concert. Gleeful. Fun.
Proceeds from that event were to support aid to Gaza through the means of UNICEF and the Red Cross.
Nobody’s suggesting the country should melt — but how about just the president?
Another band on the run?
Carnegie Hall. A fund-raiser for music education. Last year, philanthropist Michael Dorf — of the Knitting Factory, then City Winery — honored Paul McCartney where Patti Smith sang The Beatles “She’s Leaving Home.”
This year was a Crosby Stills & Nash evening.
The lone flat note? One Crosby Stills & Nash bandmate seems to have gone MIA.
Where was Stephen Stills? He was heard to be in NYC. No mention as to his absence. Just accolades to his body of music.
Nice. But where was his body?
Crosby left us last year. Graham Nash said he missed his friend. The audience filled with emotion. Still no Stills.
His surprising no-show brought back the group’s bad blood memories.
This year was Todd Rundgren, Grace Potter, Rickie Lee Jones. Great. But still no Stills.
No one’s talking. The silence deafening.
Queen for a day
Princely thoughts about twit Brit Harry. His old country stiffs him and his new profession says “Shove it!”
The missus who dumped her father, bumped her best friends, sued everyone but Donald and named daughter Lilibet after unthrilled Queen Elizabeth also says her idea’s to become president of the United States.
Biden has the same idea. So’s RFK. So’s NYC’s mayor.
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Also: She’s created “news” that paparazzi hound her — never news that she employs p.r. types. Now this prince of a guy’s rumbling about maybe becoming an official citizen of the United States.
Oy. One more migrant.
Writing wrongs
Next week, May 22, 4 p.m. a table read in Bleecker Street’s Sheen Center. New play called “It Fell Off a Truck.” Not exactly Shakespeare light, the author’s p.r. guru Jules Feiler.
The cast? Tony Danza and Anthony Scaramucci’s daughter Amelia Milo who seemingly dropped that name for her acting career. On a marquee, the Mooch Scaramucci’s kid’s name doesn’t resonate like Barrymore.
Reporter Doree Lewak says the play’s set in a quiet neighborhood. Ray’s career criminal father, away 20 years, arrives unceremoniously having been kicked out of the FBI’s witness protection program. The young Ray and wife can’t deal with it.
Danza plays the kicked out father. Mooch’s daughter plays an FBI agent.
People ask if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an exciting man. Put it this way. To his friends he’s fondly known as Attila the Ho Hum.
And not only in New York, kids, not only in New York.


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