Books, movies, vinyl, and more are buy two, get one free at Target


Target is hosting one of the best promotions we’ve seen yet during Black Friday — and that’s saying something, given how good these early Black Friday deals are. Through Nov. 25, virtually all books, movies, and music in the retailer’s catalog are buy two, get one free. Just add three items to your cart, and the least expensive item is free. The only exceptions are pre-order items and new releases that came out this week.
There is a wide array of products that are eligible during this sale, including 4K movies, manga box sets, art books, and vinyl, so we’ve rounded up some recommendations from each category we think you’ll like. However, if you’re not moved by our picks, you can head over to Target’s Black Friday deals page to check out the wares yourself.
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Target book deals
A hardcover, leatherbound box set of the Game of Thrones saga is on sale for $62.16 (was $85).
The hardcover collection of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes is currently available for $225. The three-book set features every Calvin and Hobbes cartoon penned by Bill Watterson from 1985 to 1996.
Normally $219.99, you can currently find the 35th Anniversary box set of Akira on sale for $127.99. The clever clamshell case holds six hardcover volumes of the manga in addition to the Akira Club art book and an embroidered patch sporting the iconic pill design.
The three-book Silo Series by Hugh Howey (the very same stories that inspired the Apple TV Plus show) is currently on sale for $40.99 (was $60).
While they aren’t exactly game-ready references, The Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurers Collection is a great, stat-block-free, introduction to the world of D&D. The four-book box set is currently on sale at Target for $23.49 (was $32.99).
The $99.99, 11-volume box set of Chainsaw Man is currently on sale at Target for $59.99.
Target graphic novel deals
Thought to be in permanent retirement, Calvin and Hobbes author Bill Watterson returned with his first original work in over 28 years, The Mysteries. A hardcover copy of The Mysteries is currently available from Target for $16.57 (was $19.99).
Normally $39.99, you can currently find the first and second volumes of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Omnibus for just $31.99 each at Target. Each hardcover book features a collection of short works by Matt Groening and a variety of other talented illustrators.
Dune is an amazing work of science fiction, but it can be a bit dense. However, the three-volume graphic novel adaptation cuts through some of that with some excellent illustrations courtesy of Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. The first two volumes, Dune and Muad’dib, are each currently available from Target, with the final volume launching in June.
Target art book deals
The Star Wars Archives: 1977-1983 is a massive 604-page tome containing concept art, set photos, and script pages to provide insightful commentary on the original Star Wars trilogy. The paperback version is available for $32 at Target.
Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie is a two-volume, hardcover compendium of McQuarrie’s work, showing off his conceptual paintings and costume designs, along with several exclusive illustrations and commentaries on each piece. This box set is currently on sale at Target for $210.99 (was $300).
A hardcover-bound visual collection of the complete works of Studio Ghibli is currently on sale at Target for $22.49 (was $34.95). The 160-page book features concepts and stills from 26 films from the house of Miyazaki.
Target movie deals
The Fifth Element is essential viewing for sci-fi fans who also get a kick out of anything that has Bruce Willis in it. Target is currently offering the 4K Blu-ray version of The Fifth Element with a Steelbook case for $29.99.
The 4K Blu-ray version of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the inaugural animated feature starring The Dark Knight (that still really holds up), is currently available from Target for $23.49.
The 40th anniversary edition of Ridley Scott’s earliest hit, Alien, is currently available in 4K Blu-ray format from Target for $18.99.
The summer’s pinkest existential crisis caught on film, Barbie, is now available in 4K Blu-ray format from Target for $24.99.
Target music deals
The quintessential Danny Elfman opus, The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, is currently available on vinyl from Target for $29.97.
I can’t tell you what the plot of Tron Legacy was, but I can tell you that Daft Punk provided nothing but bangers for the soundtrack. Right now, you can get the original soundtrack on vinyl at Target for $24.99.


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