Casting 10 Villains For The Batman 2 Who Have Still Never Been In A Batman Movie


Summary “The Batman – Part II” will continue the gritty re-imagining of Gotham with a new villain and potential casting opportunities.
Speculation about which villains will appear in the sequel spreads, with Clayface, Professor Pyg, and Hush being mentioned.
Matt Reeves has a wide range of remarkable talent to choose from when casting the antagonists in the film.
Matt Reeves’ The Batman – Part II promises to continue enrapturing audiences with the tale of the director’s gritty re-imagining of Gotham with a new villain, with limitless casting potential. In the first film, Reeves was able to assemble an all-star cast, particularly among Batman’s rogues gallery, from Zoë Kravitz’s alluring Catwoman to Paul Dano’s brilliant performance as The Riddler. It figures that Reeves would continue to recruit the talent of well-known, if not A-list, actors for the follow-up film, The Batman – Part II, releasing in October 2025.
Speculation as to who Batman could contend with in the newly-flooded Gotham City in the sequel run rampant, with murmurs of Clayface, Professor Pyg, and Hush all coming up as possibilities that hadn’t yet seen a live-action movie appearance. However, head of the DCU James Gunn recently refuted these Batman characters as appearing in the second film, similarly quelling rumors of Robin’s appearance. Luckily, Batman’s massive rogues’ gallery still offers a tantalizing array of evildoers who have still yet to make a film appearance. When it comes to casting these antagonists, Reeves has plenty of remarkable talent to choose from.
The Batman – Part II The Batman Part II is the sequel to Matt Reeve’s The Batman, released in 2022, and will continue where the original film left off. The film shares a universe with the HBO Max original Penguin series and sees the return of the Riddler and a different incarnation of the Joker. Release Date October 3, 2025 Director Matt Reeves Cast Robert Pattinson
10 Brendan Fraser
as Great White Shark
The Arkham Asylum of Matt Reeves’ Gotham seems to already be somewhat filled out by Batman’s previous villains, as evidenced by the presence of Barry Keogan’s scarred Joker in a deleted scene. This environment could be a perfect place for the birth of Great White Shark, a Batman villain who becomes disfigured by fellow Arkham inmates after fraudulently pleading insanity to escape prison, only to become the mastermind evil financier, Great White Shark. Named after his unique appearance, Brendan Fraser’s recent experience with prosthetics in The Whale and disarming sense of charisma could place him perfectly as the lesser-known villain.
9 Doug Jones
as Man-Bat
While Matt Reeves’ version of Batman is relatively grounded, aiming for a more gritty, realistic version of Gotham, there are still occasional instances of impossible Batman gadgetry. Man-Bat’s hybrid form may be pushing the boundaries of the universe, but it would be an undeniable treat for Batman fans to finally see Dr. Kirk Langstorm’s leathery wings take flight on the big screen. Not only would Doug Jones make a perfectly creepy human Dr. Langstrom, but his contortionist abilities and experience with heavy creature effects in Star Trek: Discovery would make him a perfect canvas for a frightening practical Man-Bat.
8 John Malkovich
as Hugo Strange
Should Arkham Asylum feature more significantly in The Batman – Part II, Matt Reeves would be wise to finally include the twisted psychiatrist Dr. Hugo Strange as the vile saniatorium’s director. Beyond being a shoo-in for Dr. Strange’s appearance, with his signature bald head and ability to maintain an impressive beard, Malkovich is familiar as a charismatic villain, as evidenced by his work in movies like Con Air. In Burn After Reading, Malkovich’s character maintains an air of professionalism with a clear broiling viciousness lurking close underneath the surface, a perfect description of Dr. Hugo Strange.
7 Dane DeHaan
as Firefly
Despite being a less significant Batman villain, it’s surprising that Firefly has never managed to find his way into a Batman movie, even as a minor side villain. Despite being more of a henchman, the airborne arsonist would be a great pick for Batman to protect the people of Gotham from as he takes advantage of the ruined city for monetary gain. Dane DeHaan formerly played a high-flying villain as Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and could re-utilize his talents in a film that wouldn’t waste them so easily.
6 Vincent D’Onofrio
as Humpty Dumpty
Unlike most Batman villains, Humpty Dumpty isn’t intentionally evil, instead hurting those around him out of a misplaced sense of curiosity. A technical genius with a tenuous grasp on reality, Humpty Dumpty is known for disassembling and reassembling broken machines, only to go on to try the same thing on people, landing him in Arkham. Vincent D’Onofrio, beyond looking the part, has great aptitude as otherworldly or detached characters like Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket or Edgar the Bug in Men in Black. The rage he’s also able to channel as the MCU’s Kingpin would also keep Humpty Dumpty from being unthreatening.
5 Finn Wolfhard
as Anarky
With Hush’s potential as a dark reflection of Batman out of the picture thanks to James Gunn’s comments, Anarky could be the next best thing for The Batman – Part II. The teen vigilante operates similarly to Batman, only seeking to dissolve the status quo which Batman, generally, fights to uphold. This could provide a great ideological foil to Batman, who comes into his own as a symbol of hope in the first film. As a younger character, rising star Finn Wolfhard would be a great Anarky, his characters in IT and Stranger Things both having a fair amount of edge.
Finn Wolfhard is currently 21 years old, suggesting a slightly older, but still juvenile Anarky compared to the comics.
4 Crispin Glover
as The Mad Hatter
One of the most disturbing Batman villains still yet to hit theaters, Jervis Tetch, A.K.A. The Mad Hatter, is a hypnotist who suffers from a chilling obsession with the works of C.S. Lewis. The horrifying implications of The Mad Hatter’s control over Gotham’s populace would feel right at home in Matt Reeves grimy vision of the Batman mythos. Crispin Glover has had experience with Wonderland already as the Knave of Hearts in 2010’s Alice In Wonderland, but also showed off his potential as an obsessive villain with distinctive headgear in Smiley Face Killers.
3 John Lithgow
as The Ventriloquist/Scarface
Similarly to Humpty Dumpty, The Ventriloquist is among the more sympathetic Batman villains, controlled by his split personality manifesting in the form of the abusive Scarface. Channeling his persona through a ventriloquist dummy, the one-man crime syndicate could present a striking antagonist for Robert Pattinson’s Batman to contend with. John Lithgow’s range as a classically-trained theater actor and experience with voiceover work from appearances in films like Shrek would make him a perfect fit, disarming audiences with his physical appearance before attacking them with Scarface’s wrath.
2 Jon Hamm
as William Cobb
The Court of Owls is unique among Batman’s villains, being more of a shadowy organization than a single spectacular antagonist. The mysterious organization does still have something of a focal point, the immortal assassin William Cobb. Even though Jon Hamm expressed interest in a MCU villain, Matt Reeves could beat Disney to the punch by casting him as the Court of Owls’ enigmatic Cobb. Hamm’s sense of dignity and class as Don Draper in Mad Men and unbridled danger as Buddy in Baby Driver could be perfect for taking up the cowl of the century-old killer.
1 McKinley Belcher III
as Killer Croc
Man-Bat and Clayface may be too monstrous for Reeves’ Batman sequel, and Killer Croc’s inclusion would certainly present a similar problem. However, the premise of a flooded Gotham is simply too perfect of an environment for the man-eating villain to pass up on, and the character deserves a true Batman movie appearance after a mediocre showing in 2016’s Suicide Squad. McKinley Belcher III already convincingly played a monstrous aquatic gangster through heavy prothsetics as Arlong in Netflix’s One Piece, and could be just what The Batman – Part II needs to make Killer Croc threatening and believable.


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