Editors Guild Ratifies Nickelodeon Contract


EXCLUSIVE: Now at 140 days of the Writers Guild being on strike, the scribes and the studios and streamers are sitting down face-to-face this week to try again to hammer out a deal on a new contract. Simultaneously, with almost all production shut down, today marks the 67th day that SAG-AFTRA have been out on the picket lines too.
However, not all of Hollywood is in labor strife today.
The Motion Picture Editors Guild have ratified a new deal with Nickelodeon.
The agreement was approved unanimously on September 14 over Zoom, I’m told. Approximately 70 post-production members of the Cathy Repola-led guild are affected by the new four-year contract.
“Witnessing this kind of solidarity throughout this challenging process was awe-inspiring, Repola told Deadline today of the conclusion of the six-month effort to make a deal with the Paramount Global-owned outlet. “It was such an honor for our team to represent them and to help them achieve a contract they are proud of. The negotiating committee needs to be commended, they spoke with a single voice and a single vision and vowed that no one would be left behind. In the end, nobody was.”
With wage increases from 9% to nearly 70% over the next year, last week’s ratification vote came after the Editors Guild had to twice make it known to the other side that they were more than willing to take to the picket lines. The most recent missive from the Animation Guild and the 9,000-strong IATSE Local 700 in late August seems to be he tipping point that led to a deal mere days later.
In a Tinseltown that has been deeply hit the past four months over the WGA and now SAG-AFTRA, the Editors Guild deal offers at least a glimmer of optimism in what could be a pivotal week.
It also offers some cold hard cash.
The last contract with Nickelodeon expired on February 28, which means this new agreement’s wage bumps are retroactive to March – and could see more increases out of the next Basic Agreement negotiations.


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