Every Major Star Wars Event Ahsoka’s Ezra Missed


Every Major Star Wars Event Ahsoka’s Ezra Missed
It finally happened. After “Ahsoka” embarked on a quest to find Ezra and Thrawn, we finally made it to a whole other galaxy, albeit after some detours in the World Between Worlds and a cool lightsaber fight with Anakin Skywalker.
Not only is this new galaxy awesome, with the planet Peridea looking like something straight out of “Dune,” but it has some of the coolest “Star Wars” creatures in a while, such as the Noti, who look like mutant hermit turtle Ewoks. On the planet, we also see the anticipated return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the most formidable villain in “Star Wars” at the moment, and the big baddie for Dave Filoni’s Mando-verse
But it is not just Thrawn we see here, because after some searching, we’re also reunited with “Star Wars Rebels” character Ezra Bridger (played by Eman Esfandi), who now looks like bearded space Jesus — or space Kwisatz Haderach, if we want to keep with the “Dune” theme. In what feels like an awkward high school reunion, Ezra is reunited with Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), eager to return home.
Whoa, not so fast, Ezra. Not only does Ezra still have to deal with Thrawn, but he has been away for quite awhile, long enough that he might not recognize the galaxy he left behind. Thankfully, we know what happened in the years Ezra has been living with hermits and pretending to be a rock, so we’re running down every major “Star Wars” event Ezra needs to lean about from the decade or so that he was away.


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