Kim Kardashian’s Performance in ‘American Horror Story’ Gets Crazily Outrageous Reactions


Kim Kardashian has always been in the limelight, be it for her (sometimes) controversial personal life or ambitious entrepreneurial projects. However, recently according to the NY Post, the socialite and business mogul was marred with criticism for her acting skills. (Later on in the article, we discuss the plot of the episode. So… spoilers ahead!)
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The future lawyer made an appearance on a TV show that wasn’t the reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashian. Kardashian forayed into scripted television on American Horror Story: Delicate, but it has garnered mixed reactions from fans of the series. She plays the role of Siobhan Corbyn, a sassy publicist.
American Horror Story: Delicate started tonight. Yall watching @KimKardashian tonight?? — M.J. (@whoismjgeorge) September 21, 2023
One user, @swtheprfct, wrote, “Why is she eating it so bad now I want to watch it omfg.” Some fans were also perplexed by her presence and wrote how bad her acting was, with one user @honestpapito saying, “She’s literally not.” Another user jokingly commented, “Idk why but I feel her urge to look at the camera.” Not all reactions were bad, however. One fan appreciated Kardashian’s work and said, “The delivery of that sigh into the last line was impeccable – go off, Kimberly!” Another follower justified the SKIMS founder’s portrayal of Siobhan and called it ‘apt’ by tweeting on X, “Of course she is. She’s talking about what she knows here! A part well cast.” Such views only made Kardashian viral for her new role.
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In her debut episode, titled Multiply Thy Pain, Kardashian’s character, Siobhan Corbyn, definitely leaves a lasting impression. Kardashian portrays a no-nonsense publicist who doesn’t mince words when dealing with her client, Anna Victoria Alcott (portrayed by Emma Roberts). Siobhan exhibits a sharp wit and confidence, which only adds to the story. The episode showcases Siobhan’s professional demeanor as she handles press matters for Anna, even securing an interview with Andy Cohen. While Anna has concerns about signing autographs on old photos from her childhood acting days, Siobhan reassures her that it is all a part of building her fanbase.
Kim Kardashian nos bastidores das gravações de ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’, onde está presente interpretando a Siobhan Walsh, assiste da celebridade Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts). #AmericanHorrorStory #AHSDelicate — Access Kardashian (@accesskardash) September 21, 2023
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As the episode unfolds, viewers learn that Anna is undergoing IVF treatment to conceive with her husband, Dexter Harding. Siobhan, who had experienced her own IVF journey without success, expresses genuine excitement and support for her friend. Anna eventually appears on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show while Siobhan watches proudly from the sidelines. Despite a momentary scare (when Anna sees a menacing figure in the audience), Siobhan remains by her side, offering encouragement and compliments. The episode also hints at potential recognition for Siobhan and Anna, as they received a ‘maybe’ from the Time 100 list, a prestigious accolade.
hold on because why is kim kardashian eating this role😭 where can i warch american horror story delicate outside of the us — momo 💫 (@amazingmomo_) September 21, 2023
While opinions on her acting may differ, Kardashian’s presence has undeniably added a unique dimension to the show. Additionally, she has appeared in other projects such as Kim Kardashian, Superstar in 2007, and the 2008 parody film Disaster Movie. So, AHS may not be the last time the reality TV star graces our TVs.
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