Lisa Ann Corpora opens up about her favorite kind of scenes


It is one of the most popular categories on pornographic sites — and a former adult star has revealed why she loved playing a “MILF.”
Lisa Ann Corpora, who became involved in the adult entertainment industry at 18 as a dancer, progressed to starring in MILF (“mother I’d like to f–k”) roles as she got older, and absolutely loved it.
“The term MILF came around the same time as ‘Desperate Housewives,’ when it was super hot to see the stay-at-home wife hook up with the gardener,” Corpora told while in Melbourne for Sexpo last week.
“It was normal. It was fun. It was cute. But it was also a way to elongate our careers. We didn’t know if there was going to be work for us past a certain age.”
She said the “beautiful” thing about playing a MILF was that the scenes were a lot less graphic and intense than is typical for adult entertainment.
3 Lisa Ann Corpora talks about why MILF scenes are her favorite. Lisa Ann/Instagram
“The MILF is in control. I think for a lot of women as we get older in the business, that’s what we want,” she said.
Corpora, who regularly speaks at events like Sexpo, also enjoyed the costuming because it involved more detailed lingerie such as stockings and wrap dresses.
“I just love the style of the MILF because it was very much my style,” she said.
3 She said MILF scenes are generally less graphic than other scenes. Lisa Ann/Instagram
According to Pornhub’s Mother’s Day report, MILF is a popular category all year around, but it spikes by 7.8 percent on this particular date.
The data revealed people under 44 search this category less than those over 45.
Corpora also revealed to that one thing she wants to see change is the lack of content showing condom use and safe sex, saying both should be part of the conversation.
In the United States, only 22 states have education on sexual awareness, safe sex and wellness.
There is a huge rise in syphilis and in Australia, there were 30,112 confirmed cases of gonorrhea in 2023, compared to 20,699 in 2021.
3 Corpora is encouraging people to be educated about sexual health. Lisa Ann/Instagram
“I wish that every scene would come up with a disclaimer informing people the talent is tested. I wish we would use the opportunity because it’s important, because there’s nothing worse than the stories I read of somebody that’s only had two or three partners, and now is 21 years old and has herpes and has to explain this to every partner for the rest of their life,” she said.
“There’s nothing wrong with consent conversations before you actually have sex with somebody. It’s not sanitizing the experience. It’s actually using your voice to have the experience curated the way you want it.”
Corpora said everybody should carry protection, and even joked that every time she goes on a trip, she sends a photo of condoms in her luggage with the hashtag “hope.”


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