LIV Golf vs Super Bowl: Which Las Vegas Event Pays Bigger for Its Players?


If you are a sports fan, Las Vegas is the place to be in February 2024. After all, the NFL and LIV Golf League have both showered the city with four days of continuous entertainment.
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While both sports giants gear up to make the most of the nearing few days of bliss, a major question remains: How will this affect the players on both sides of the spectrum? Consequently, it is also important to find out which side will walk away with heavier pockets.
LIV Golf to overpower Super Bowl in the prize money aspect
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The LIV Golf is famous for many reasons, but one of the major factors that remains is the big bucks empowering the league. The PIF backing, interestingly, has put the players playing this week in Vegas in a more profitable position when put against the players in the Super Bowl.
LIV Golf Las Vegas’s total prize purse is a whopping $25 million. Out of which, $20 million stays reserved for the individual competition, and the winner will earn $4 million for the individual champion. The remaining $5 million of the total purse will be divided among the top three teams.
The Super Bowl, on the other hand, has a total purse of roughly $13.4 million. It will award each player on the winning 53-member team $164,000, and each player on the losing 53-member team will walk away with a good enough sum of $89,000.
Therefore, it’s safe to say that LIV Golf Las Vegas’s total purse will overshadow the NFL Super Bowl’s purse. It’s surprising, isn’t it? After all, the NFL stars have a history of making millions in the double digits.
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Take Patrick Mahomes, cap hit in 2023, for instance. The famous sensation earned a total of $46,793,381 in his salary and total bonuses combined. Whereas, Talor Gooch, the highest earner on the side of LIV Golf, earned over $36 million last season.
Additionally, the Super Bowl LVIII individual players also have the chance to earn more money through the other payouts offered on the match day, like the Conference Championship, the Divisional Round, the Wild Card Round (divisional and non-divisional winner), and the Wild Card Bye Round.
Despite these, LIV Golf Las Vegas remains more lucrative for individual players. But is that also the case with Las Vegas as a region?
Will LIV Golf bring more revenue to Las Vegas?
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The short answer to this is no. Taking a thorough look through the pages of the history of both the historical NFL event and the LIV Golf League, which is still in its primary stage, the former has an edge over the latter in terms of its contribution to the region’s economy.
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After last year’s Super Bowl generated over $1.3 billion in economic activity for Arizona, the host region, LIV Golf’s entire 2023 season was estimated to bring in $258 million. Undoubtedly, no amount of incentivization can buy popularity like that of the Super Bowl.
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So, Las Vegas will be in greater profit thanks to the Super Bowl. However, individual players will be happier because of LIV Golf.
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