‘Made her so much money’


Donald Trump kicked off Super Bowl Sunday by bashing Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in a rant on social media — branding the Kansas City Chief star as a “liberal” and his singer-songwriter girlfriend “disloyal.”
Trump took credit for Swift’s meteoric success of her ongoing Eras tour and recent “Album of the Year” Grammy win — claiming he, the former president, was actually “the man who made her so much money.”
“I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other Musical Artists,” Trump declared on Truth Social. “Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor, and never will.”
The Music Modernization Act, which was passed in 2018 modernized copyright laws to give artists more protections in the era of digital music distribution.
“There’s no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the History of our Country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money,” Trump continued.
4 Taylor Swift has been fiercely critical of Donald Trump in the past. Getty Images for The Recording Academy
4 Donald Trump wants Taylor Swift’s endorsement. AP
“Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!”
Swift, who endorsed President Biden in the 2020 election, has gone super viral over her latest relationship with Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end who is set to play in the Super Bowl Sunday evening.
“Keep dreaming, Donnie,” the “Dark Brandon” X account, dedicated to backing President Biden posted alongside a picture highlighting Swift’s endorsement of the 81-year-old.
The pop music darling has also weathered a string of bizarre conspiracy theories including from one social media user who alleged that “the Pentagon psyop unit pitched NATO on turning Taylor Swift into an asset, for combating misinformation online” and taking down Trump.
Given her great fanfare and popularity, some members of the MAGA faithful have fretted that she could pose a potent danger to the 45th president’s reelection prospects.
Many mainstream Republicans have spurned the conspiracy theory.
4 Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce has loomed large over the Super Bowl. Getty Images
4 Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of over $1.1 billion. REUTERS
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“I want the 49ers to win so we know — we can get rid of these conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift. Never in my life have I been motivated by anything other than football,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.
Swift has not publicly revealed whether or not she intends to endorse a candidate ahead of the Nov. 5 presidential election.
Super Bowl LVIII is set to kick off Sunday evening with a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.


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