Moneybagg Yo Criticized For Emptying Bank Account And Then Returning Money The Next Day


Moneybagg Yo is facing some backlash after making a bizarre choice for a recent music video. Reportedly, Moneybagg emptied his bank account to use the money as props before returning it the next day. Many people have questioned why he didn’t simply just use prop money. Meanwhile, others have criticized him for causing a major inconvenience at his bank. “Also I love Bagg so no shade to him. It was just inconvenient. Y’all act like y’all never been inconvenienced before lol,” @zeesimonee wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The user behind the account reportedly works at Moneybagg’s bank. While her account is now locked, she reportedly claimed that the amount of money forced her and other employees to have to work well past the end of their shift to finish counting Moneybagg’s money.
However, some people jumped in to defend Moneybagg. Their arguments mainly centered on it being his money and millennials complaining about everything. Despite this, a majority of people thought it was just a bad look. “I’m on her side and I’m tired of y’all relating so much to the rich as if you would even have this problem 😒 most of us relate more to HER working a regular job that we want to hurry up and get home from,” one person wrote on Instagram.
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Moneybagg Posts Up With Ari Fletcher
However, Moneybagg doesn’t seem too fuss. After all, he’s spent the past week enjoying his birthday with his partner, Ari Fletcher. “Happy birthday to a gangsta! I’m thankful for this day because God placed a real one on this earth. Through all the ups and downs I’d do it all over again with you 10x’s. Love you for life and after! It’s whatever for you and about you! ❤️,” Fletcher wrote on Instagram. “Love u too Lady loaf,” Moneybagg wrote in the comments. The post contained a bevy of images of the two of them enjoying their vacation in various ways.
One of the pictures included Fletcher’s gift to Moneybagg – an expensive pendant encrusted with diamonds and bearing the embossed message “IDAF Boyz” on in it. Moneybagg also posted images of bags of cash and an expensive-looking new watch as other gifts he received. Going by the pictures, it appears that the happy couple spent Moneybagg’s birthday on a boat with some friends. Moneybagg and Fletcher replicated the spaghetti-eating scene from Lady and the Tramp.
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