Teen Horror Movies That Never Got A Sequel


Teen Horror Movies That Never Got A Sequel
Franchising is basically the bread and butter of the horror genre. It doesn’t matter what critics think. It doesn’t even matter if the iconic central villain is killed at the end of the movie. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — and writers can always be persuaded to come up with new explanations for why their characters are put back in similarly horrific scenarios.
Within the genre, you could make the argument that sequels are the rule rather than the exception, and even subpar horror films often end up becoming franchises, whether their follow-up films are given a theatrical release or not. (Direct-to-video sequels are also a long-term staple for scary movies.) This is especially true for teen horror movies, since younger audiences have always been a target demographic for these types of films.
But every once in a while, you get a teen horror flick that’s one-and-done, without a sequel on the horizon. Whether it’s a result of poor box office numbers, unavailable actors, or lack of interest, there are a million different reasons why they might not merit a second film — and interestingly, it often has nothing to do with its quality. After we take a second to investigate that creepy noise in the basement, we’ll delve into the teen horror films that bucked the genre trend and never generated a sequel.


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