The 10 Most Terrifying Traps In The Saw Franchise, Ranked


The 10 Most Terrifying Traps In The Saw Franchise, Ranked
You can’t keep a good Jigsaw Killer down. Even though the artist formerly known as John Kramer (Tobin Bell) first showed up onscreen as a man with terminal cancer, and subsequently died in “Saw III,” we’re now nine sequels deep, and only one of them (“Spiral: From the Book of Saw”) didn’t include him in the cast somehow. Mostly this boils down to an ever-more-elaborate series of flashbacks, accomplices, copycats, and detailed instructions and recordings made for future deathtraps.
All of Jigsaw’s traps are the last place you’d want to be, but they vary a lot in difficulty level. Some simply require following his instructions exactly while others involve either forgiving or murdering someone else. Still more depend on cooperation, and most of them deliver a twisted form of therapy, with the patient urged to get over their baggage in the next 30 seconds or so if they want to live. Many are deceptive in their effects, with a seemingly basic set-up designed to inflict maximum trauma. Others can theoretically be survived with no pain whatsoever, but only if the victim can figure that out in time, and they never do.
The following traps give us the most nightmares.


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