WWE Star Dave Bautista Once Revealed Insights on CrossFit, Gym Music, and Other Workout Essentials


WWE icon-turned-actor Dave Bautista is basking in the success of Dune 2. The actor reprised his role in the second installment of the Hollywood blockbuster adaption of Frank Herbert’s novels. So Men’s Health took the opportunity to post clips from the bodybuilding enthusiast’s interview from two years ago.
In the clip, Dave Bautista answered rapid-fire questions about his gym and training-related preferences. The interviewer asked the WWE star everything from his opinion on CrossFit to gym music. The 55-year-old gave some interesting answers, especially when it came to who he wanted to train with.
Dave Bautista wants to train with this boxing legend
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The former pro wrestler might not be an early rise because the clip started with him saying he preferred working out at 7 pm instead of 7 am. Dave Bautista revealed his preferences for some of the most common exercises. The jacked 55-year-old chose squats over deadlifts and chose pull-ups over chin-ups. He also picked dumbbells instead of the increasingly popular kettlebells.
However, his favorite song from his gym playlist surprised many fans in the comments section. Bautista said his favorite track from the gym playlist was Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan. When asked about CrossFit, the WWE wrestler replied, “Nay! Definitely nay!” It would seem the Hollywood action star doesn’t like the sport. He doesn’t like cardio, which plays a big role in CrossFit.
The bodybuilding enthusiast chose weight training over cardio. While most people skip leg day. Dave Bautista revealed he prefers having “big legs,” over big arms. When it comes to his physique, the bodybuilder prefers to be jacked instead of shredded or swole. “You’re all the above (jacked, shredded, and swole) when you’re jacked,” said the 55-year-old.
Finally, his fans found his most intriguing answer to be his choice of a training partner. When the interviewer asked who Dave Bautista would like to train with, “dead or alive,” he named boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson. However, there might be a bigger reason why he chose a combat sports legend.
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The pro wrestler’s harder training session
In another clip from the interview, Dave Bautista explained that he struggled while training to fight. While you’d think a pro wrestler has trained to fight all his life, the 55-year-old spoke about MMA and striking training. “Fight training is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” the action star told Men’s Health.
Bautista said that High-Intensity Training (HIT) “while getting punched in the face,” was grueling. Dave Bautista explained that people don’t really understand how tough a 5 mins round in MMA can become. Despite wrestling for decades, Bautista said he had immense respect for combat sports athletes.
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Dave Bautista might be a fitness enthusiast like many others, but he has strong feelings about CrossFit, listens to uncommon music in the gym, and has an interesting choice in the ideal training partner.


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